Monday, May 4, 2020

Hauora Focus: Gratitude

Each week Room 10 has been focusing on different aspect of Hauora. This is to help us with our Mental Health and Well-being when we are in our bubbles at home during Covid-19. This week we have been focusing on the meaning of 'gratitude' and what this word means for each student. Their task this week was to make a post each on the Room 10 Padlet. They had a choice of writing a thank you note to someone they are grateful for or a quote that they believe best illustrates gratitude.
Here are some of the posts:

Sunday, May 3, 2020


Creating our own Autobiography:

As we have now finished Term One's Learning, we have completed our writing focus for the term which was creating our own Autobiography. All students spent weeks planning, researching and brainstorming with their families of all the important memories and events they were going to include into their piece of writing. Over the past three weeks of their home learning programme they were guided into finishing off their writing and they have turned out to be fabulous. 

Here are a couple of examples we would love to share with you: 

My Autobiography

Hi my name is Shearer… Kai Shearer. I live in an amazing village called Oakura. I have always lived in Oakura, which has a fantastic beach where I always go surfing with my Dad in my spare time. I have an older sister Ruby, who is mostly on her phone nowadays and my Mum who is a Nurse and is fantastic and funny.

I was born in January 2008 at Taranaki Base Hospital. I attended Sopiha Preschool in Oakura from the age of three. I loved playing outside in the sensory garden, the tree house and the sandpit. I met some of my best friends at Sophia's including Joel, Gabe, Meihana and Liam. At a young age I found my love for sport. I stood up on a surfboard for the first time at the age of four and had learnt to ride a bike without training wheels before five. 

I started Oakura School in 2013. In 2014 I went to Australia with my extended family and cousins. I was pretty young so I don't remember much about my first overseas expereince except for going to Dreamworld and loving the log flume ride. Also that year, I started playing  rugby for Kaitake and  I'm still playing till this day. In 2016, my best friend Joel had to leave Oakura and move to Pukehina because of his parents' work. As a leaving memory he decided to jump off the Oakura bridge which I thought was pretty brave because he was only 8 years old. I still visit him during the school holidays.

Since I have been in the senior area of Oakura school most of my best memories involve sport and family.  I went to Aussie again with the same extended family and cousins as last time. We visited the Gold Coast in Queensland. We did lots of amazing things while at the Gold Coast some of the highlights included shopping at Pacific Fair and visiting  Movieworld,  Seaworld and riding all of the fantastic water slides at Wet and Wild. Thankfully I can remember everything this time. One of my favourite memories from this holiday was buying my awesome Root Industries scooter in Robina. In January of 2020, I went to Mount Maunganui to go to a surf camp with Ricardo Christie and Matt Scorringe who runs The Art of Surfing. Ricardo is one of the best surfers in New Zealand. I did it with my good friends Joel and Drew. It was really fun and I learnt many new skills to help my surfing improve.

Overall, I have had the best time in the past 12 years of my life. My biggest achievement has been making the Galaxy Touch Team just recently and the team had planned to go to Australia to play a tournament but it has been postponed because of Covid-19. I'm very grateful to my family, teachers and friends for giving me such a great start to my life.

By Kai

My Autobiography:

One year old in skis, flying down Mount Taranaki! Four years olds and started skurfing all because of my Dad. I live with a family of six, Megan and Sam my parents and Otis, Benjamin, Frankie and Moxie my siblings. We live in a big house although in a small town just outside of New Plymouth called Oakura. It is a spectacular, bright beachy village, which attacks people from all over the globe.  

Soon later, I started Kindy, Sophia’s and Playcentre all which I had the time of my life playing, sleeping and making friends. My parents remind me still to this day that I was a cheeky, creative and curious toddler. I was always a child that had to be kept busy, this was when my father pushed me into trying skurfing, skiing and surfing. Not many toddlers under five would have the opportunity to participate in these activities. All three activities tested my perseverance, patience and courage. A huge thank you to my Dad for teaching me to overcome my fears. For example, if there was a large wave coming towards me, I would avoid catching it on my surfboard just in case I failed. He has now tried to teach me the big skill of just give it go and it is fine to fail. The perseverance I showed through these failures gave my parents the idea to enroll me in gymnastics. 

At the age of 5 I started Oakura Primary School, I enjoyed being outside at break times and creative writing was always fun. I made many friends whom I am still close with to this day. My friends made it easy for me to make the decision to start Highland Dancing. I started off training once a week but as I started to climb the different levels my training time increased to twice a week. I competed in many competitions showcasing my skills to the judges. At the age of 9, I won the championship for my grade. Dancing made me feel happy and I could express all of my emotions and stresses that gymnastics gave me. By now gymnastics training and comps were taking over my life, I was training around 12-15 hours per week and traveling away each weekend to compete. Gymnastics comps were very stressful but worth the restaurant dinner at night with all of my gym friends. By now training was taking up a huge part of my life, I would get home at 9:30 and have dinner. I got used to not having anything to eat from lunch time at school till  dinner at 9:30 with a huge training in the middle. The car trips home from gym were so much fun as we would just laugh and laugh and talk about the coaches! In 2018 Mum, Caylin, Charlotte, and I  went to Australia for the commonwealth games. This is my favorite memory ever. Every day was packed full with exciting things to do and places to go. But sadly after 8 days, this experience was all over and we were back on a plane home.

Between the years of turning 10 years old and now, I am still committed to dancing, I teach three Acro trick classes a week and have just made the tough decision to give up gymnastics. This was a tricky call to make as I had the best opportunity of hosting a German exchange gymnast at the end of 2018 and was planning to go back to her country and see and train with her in 2020. When Julia, my German Exchange Student was in New Zealand we did so many exciting things. We went on bike rides, loads of adventures, boat rides, to Oakura Beach for fish and chips, shopped at Centre City and made food with the other gym girls. We had so much fun together!

This year I have taken up the opportunity to teach Acro to three different groups. The first group is aged between the years of 5-6, the second group is 11-12 years and the last group is like 15 years and up. It has been hard to juggle dance, teaching, school, and chilling with my family and friends but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year I am going on point for Ballet and we are allegeable to go to nations this year for dance. 

My life has been full of ups and downs, it’s been a real big roller coaster and not many people know what actually has happened in my life. But I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for pushing me to my limits and for showing me that anyone can make a difference in the word no matter their abilities. I would like to thank all my coaches for teaching me and giving their time to help me. And a huge thank you to my friend Isla for making me happy when I’m sad.

By Hannah

Monday, February 24, 2020

Beach Ed

Beach Ed. 

On 13th of February 2020 Year 7 & 8's went to the Oakura Beach to learn how to stay safe in the water.We learnt about rips,currents and how to protect ourselves from the sun by learning a technique from the lifeguards McKenzie, Sasha, Ella, Fletcher & Natalie to slip, slop, slap and wrap. Slip meaning slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat & wrap on some sun glasses.When we all arrived at NPOB Surf Club down there we had a tour of the club rooms and learned about the threes R's which are relax, raise & ride and how to spot a rip. We split into our room numbers and played some games first Room 10 went for a swim in the ocean. We swam around the parents and got smashed by the shore break, we had a really good time. We also did fun races like capture the flags and lots of other fun activities. We looked in the gear shed, they had a broken motor, tractor and lots of boats and knee boards. We hope you have fun next time you go!